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A social security attorney in Jacksonville can improve your chance of successfully navigating the complex process of application and appeal. Applying for social security disability and supplemental security income can be difficult and it is not uncommon for your application to be denied. Most claims are initially denied due to the applicant’s failure to establish the severity of his or her disability based on the medical evidence they provided. For the most part, it is useless to reapply as the next application will likely be rejected for the same reasons. At Chris Johns Law Group, we understand the process for filing an appeal and our social security attorney can correctly guide your case through the disability appeals process.

Unfortunately, it can be next to impossible to meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability even for those applicants who are truly disabled. The basic approval system seems to evolve around submitting the appropriate appeal for reconsideration. In general, your disability must be expected to last for at least a year and approval is based upon your “inability” to do a gainful activity that matches your age, education or work experience. The fact is, social security disability cases have a much higher chance of approval once the claimant has a disability attorney representing their interests at each step. If you are unable to work due to a disability, contact Chris Johns Law Group today at (904) 570-3555 for your free consultation with a disability attorney in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Disability Lawyer

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can explain the requirements that must be met for your application or appeal to be approved. Basically, if you have a severe medical problem that prevents you from performing gainful employment for at least twelve contiguous months, you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits. However, you must have paid Social Security payroll taxes over a certain period of time to be considered insured. If you stopped paying Social Security taxes, you must prove that your disability occurred before your insured status expired. To improve your chances of winning an appeal, you should learn as much as you can about the benefits approval process and work closely with your social security disability lawyer to ensure accurate documentation of your condition. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. We have been fighting for our client’s rights for over 20 years.

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