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Please allow one of our attorneys to help you with your personal injury or accident claim. We take great pride in our reputation for aggressive and personalized representation of each and every client we serve, and we make it easy for you to meet with an attorney on your side of town. Please contact us today for a free evaluation of your case by  submitting our on-line questionnaire on the contact us page for a prompt email response or by using our chat button on the bottom of the page.

We will meet with you in person on your side of town or discuss your case over the phone for FREE. If you decide to hire our accident firm, then we are only compensated if you are paid first. Meaning, WE are not paid unless YOU are paid. We work on what is called a contingency fee basis: we will be paid a percentage of what you are paid, if and only if you are paid first by the at-fault person or insurance company. Additionally, you will not have to pay us for our costs until and unless you are paid first by the at-fault party or insurance company.

In the FREE initial consultation, we will analyze your case based on the information you have and explain to you how to get paid for your medical bills, wage loss, how to get a rental car, how to get your car repaired, and how to be paid for your inconvenience, pain and suffering and loss of the enjoyment of your life.

We will also explain what your rights are and give you an outline of how we think your claim/case should be handled. We are there to attempt to alleviate some of your anxieties and answer your questions and address your concerns. We will guide you through the legal process that is involved in an accident claim.

Let Chris Johns Law Group fight for your rights.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on information from a website alone. You should research and talk with any lawyers you are considering before deciding who will represent you. Nothing on this website is intended to establish an attorney-client relationship without a separate formal agreement.