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Drug Recall

drug recall lawyer in NE Florida can explain your options for pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim if you or a loved one were damaged by the side effects after taking a recalled prescription drug. Since the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) streamlined their approval process for the release of new pharmaceuticals, some prescription medications have reached the pharmacy’s shelf prematurely. These dangerous drugs claim numerous lives every year in the United States and are often prescribed without a complete understanding as to the medical, emotional or psychological affect. To learn more about pharmaceutical claims, contact our drug recall lawyer in Jacksonville or Orange Park at (904) 398-9893.

The latest, greatest pharmaceutical drugs seem to be released daily. If an unsafe drug has caused you to have a personal injury or the wrongful death of a family member, contact a drug injury attorney at Chris Johns Law Group for a free case review and legal consultation. Often the desire for financial gain can contribute to the irresponsible release of a drug that doctors are then encouraged to prescribe to their patients. Sometimes, the ill effects of these new drugs are only discovered after the medications have been in use for several years. You should always be alert to the fact that any pharmaceutical drug could be unsafe and always discuss any concerns that you might have with the prescribing physician and/or your pharmacist.

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NE Florida Drug Injury Attorney

A drug injury attorney in Jacksonville may be needed to evaluate your case to determine whether you have a legitimate personal injury or wrongful death claim. Suicidal tendencies, depression and violence are just a few of the side effects linked to many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs. For example, Paxil (a commonly prescribed drug for depression) was one of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants for teenagers although the FDA has never approved the use of the drug for minors. In recent research studies, Paxil was found to be a contributing factor in several teenage suicides. As long as the pharmaceutical industry has lobbyist in Washington, there will always be honest doctors and sincere patients damaged by drugs that are eventually recalled due to unsafe conditions. Contact our drug injury lawyer today to have all of your drug recall questions answered.

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