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About Our Firm - Chris Johns Accident Attorney


Chris Johns Law Group is a NE Florida based accident firm that prides itself on delivering aggressive and professional individual legal representation to each client, and to treating each client as we would like to be treated. At our firm, you will meet with one of our attorneys at the free initial consultation to discuss your accident claim – not an investigator or assistant – and your case will be handled by an attorney, not an assistant or case manager. Having an attorney personally handle your accident case is one of the qualities that sets our firm apart from the other Personal Injury Law Firms. Many other personal injury lawyers will send an investigator to meet with you at your initial consultation and then your case will be handled by a case worker, not an attorney.

Additionally, at our firm, the only way we are paid is if YOU are paid FIRST. Meaning we work on what is called a contingency fee agreement.  We are paid a percentage of what you receive, if and ONLY if you you are paid first. If for some reason you are not paid, then our firm will not be paid attorney fees, money for the time we spent on your case, or for costs we may have spent on your case. (Our contract will explain this in more detail.)


Another quality that sets our firm apart is that Attorney Chris Johns formerly represented insurance companies in personal injury/accident cases. His experience in representing insurance companies in personal injury/accident cases will be an asset in guiding you through the legal process and in dealing and litigating if necessary against an insurance company in your personal injury/accident case.

An attorney will meet with you at one of our many offices around town, at your home, in the hospital or any location that is convenient for you, and provide you with free advice about your accident claim at your initial consultation. At this meeting, they will explain what your rights are and how you can enforce those rights. The attorney will explain how to have your medical bills paid, address your wage loss, discuss obtaining a rental car and having your vehicle repaired and answer questions about compensation for your pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Throughout the lifeline of your case, your attorney will consult with you regarding all aspects of your case from settlement to filing a lawsuit.  The Firm will continue to update you during all stages of your case.  The Chris Johns Law Group will partner with you and always be your strongest advocate.


University of Florida Law Graduate

Former Insurance Company Attorney